Breakthrough received $30,034 on Big Day of Giving! On behalf of Breakthrough students, staff, and its dedicated Working Group:
Thank you for your s-u-p-p-o-r-t, support, support!


Donor Challenge for Big Day of Giving

A Donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has stepped forward with an offer to match all donations to Breakthrough Sacramento for the Big day of giving, on May 3. That means for every dollar you give it's worth twice as much to BSAC, up to $17,000. 

Additionally, if you donate using a Golden 1 Credit Union debit or credit card, they too may match your donation.

Make your gift count! You can schedule your donation today or make it on May 3 at  Breakthrough thanks you!

90% Funded
$15,145 Raised

Make a Difference this summer as a BSAC Volunteer. 

Join us for a fun and rewarding experience and earn community service hours (if you need them). Just fill out the attached application.  We Want YOU!

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Breakthrough Sacramento uses the power of education to radically change the lives of Sacramento’s youth in under-resourced schools, and inspires students who desire to become teachers.  

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Our Impact

Breakthrough Sacramento believes in the power of education to radically change lives, families, and communities. Students join Breakthrough before 7th grade and receive ongoing support through high school completion, while inspiring committed, talented, high school and college students from around the country to teach our students and to pursue careers in education. As a six-year program, Breakthrough mentors and tutors students to successfully navigate high school, assist them with college counseling as they make their college selection, and works to ensure they thrive in college and beyond.


The BSAC Experience

"A growing body of knowledge shows that what happens to students between the ages of 10 to 14 determines not only their success in school, but success in life as well."

-The New American Middle School



Please help Breakthrough Sacramento continue our 23-year tradition of providing unique and highly-effective programming!

All donations are facilitated by our partners at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation. Follow the link below to go to our donation page on their site, and safely provide a tax-free donation to BSAC!