Our students are diverse and come from under-served communities throughout Sacramento. Almost all will be the first in their family to graduate college.

Our students are committed and motivated. They know that they are travelling on a six-year journey to get to college. We are excited to assist them, and we know that they are eager to take these steps.


Learn a ton while having fun. The Breakthrough summer program is an intensive yet exciting six weeks of engaging classes, electives, activities, field trips, and celebration. It’s like nothing you have ever done before. Classes are small and taught by passionate and caring young adults. Beginning the summer before seventh grade, the summer program incorporates:

  • Morning classes in Writing, Literature, Science, and Math

  • Expanded STEM activities, including coding, robotics, and dissections

  • Afternoon enrichment activities and electives

  • Healthy breakfast, snacks (2), and lunch each day

  • Bus transportation to and from the Sacramento Country Day campus

  • Field trips to local universities, local businesses (Career Day), community service sites, and a community pool (3)

  • Breakthrough Celebration at the end of the six weeks

During your school year you participate in Weekly Breakthroughs (tutoring sessions) in your neighborhood schools. Tutoring includes supplemental math, literature, and writing instruction. You can also take part in Super Saturdays, events such as nature hikes and camping trips, tickets for family attendance to ballet, theater, and sporting events, college tours, reunion day, and more. During high school you will be supported in college preparation, including:

  • Assistance selecting the best high school for your needs

  • A college prep manual designed to guide students through each year of high

  • High School class selection advisement to assure the completion of requisite a-g courses

  • Grade monitoring and free tutoring services

  • Financial aid seminars and support completing FAFSA Applications

  • Advisement on State and University of California application deadlines

  • SAT and ACT prep and scheduling tips


“After summer Breakthrough last year I returned to school and was ahead for two months! It doesn’t feel like school here. It is fun, even with two hours of homework each night. Best of all, I got to code robots and dissect sharks!” — Isaac O., Breakthrough Student

“Breakthrough’s summer program has helped shape me as a student and has helped me strive for a better future. This program has helped me excel and get a full scholarship to attend a local private high school.” — Jesus A., Breakthrough Student

“Breakthrough is a community where you can be yourself. Everyone around you shows you that they truly love and support you” — Abraham, Breakthrough Alum, now a Teaching Fellow

“Thanks to Breakthrough, I’ve been able to get into a better high school, receive a better education, and little by little, change the shape of my future.” — Alan, Breakthrough Student

“At Breakthrough I get to learn. At Breakthrough all the students want to be here and we learn together. I have time to ask lots of questions. One day I want to be a surgeon.” — Sahil A., Breakthrough Student

“I see Breakthrough as an extended family, as the place where I was able to develop my leadership skills, which I use now. Breakthrough is a life-changing program. It is through this program that low-income, first-generation students have been able to defy the odds.” — Jennifer L., Breakthrough Alumna, Former Teacher


A college education can provide a bright future. However, getting to college takes hard work.

If you…
Are motivated to learn, work hard, and find your path to college
Appreciate differences in others and seek to learn more about others’ points of view
Are willing to work well with teachers, school counselors and family members
Show respect towards peers
Are excited about learning and eager to explore your passions and interests
Are willing to accept feedback
…then Breakthrough is for you. Apply today!