Breakthrough Sacramento's Dual Mission


To Create Access to Higher Education for Younger Students:

Our goal as a year-round, tuition-free college preparation program is to help underserved and highly-motivated students from middle through high school succeed in their education, make their college selection, and thrive in the college setting. 

To Train Older Students to be Leaders in Education:

Our purpose as a pre-professional teaching program is to provide high-school and college students aspiring to be teachers with professional mentorship and work experience. 

Breakthrough's History 

The Breakthrough model started in 1978 at San Francisco University High School. The goal was to make the independent college preparatory school a school "for the city". In the late 1980s the idea was shared amongst independent school leaders and the model was first replicated at Newman School in New Orleans, LA. During the 1990s, there were many Breakthrough programs that opened throughout the country (even a program in Hong Kong) and Breakthrough Sacramento was an early program first serving students in the summer of 1994.